Market People Awards 2019

  • 01/09/2019

Each year, LMForums brings professionals together from all corners of the Market to recognise individuals, teams and companies who have made an outstanding contribution in the industry. This year, our Awards will be bigger and better than ever and we’ve had to move to new premises to accomodate the demand. We are also delighted to announce that the event will have an amazing Show Time theme - so get ready for lights, music, magic, sparkle and some incredible vocal talent.

Our Awards have become a highlight for many professionals and firms across our Market. We operate a genuinely fair, open and transparent online nomination system, allowing any person, be they a frontline practitioner, a Chief Executive, a graduate or someone working for a supplier, to nominate an individual, team or company. Six independent senior level Market executives will then assess all nominations and select our worthy winners. They will be presented with one of our coveted awards and will feature in our Hall of Fame for 2019.