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LMForums membership is completely free. Our events are always full of interesting content enabling you to stay informed and connected - there has never been a more important time to network and create relationships with your Market Peers.

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LMForums have arranged over 50 online events for 2021. Tickets are free for LMForums members and all market practitioners.


LMForums events give attendees a unique experience to network with market peers and create and maintain relationships. Currently, LMForums has over 5000 members, join today to be part of the markets most popular hub.

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At every LMForums, we source the best and most knowledgeable practitioners from the market to speak and share their expertise to the audience.

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All LMForums members have access to all the resources we use in our events from polling results to PowerPoint presentations

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Stay up to date everything LMForums from events to latest news articles. All LMForums members will be the first to know.

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As soon as you are a member you will be invited to join various social media groups that are tailored to the information you require.

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Access all areas within the LMForums website giving you access to all the materials published at previous events and practice groups along with links from our partners for recommended reading.

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Get up to date with the zeitgeist for the market from leading practitioners and academics.


Designed and written for the London Insurance Market professional, our Market's clients and those supplying our Marketplace with essential products and services.

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A magazine produced exclusively for the London Insurance Market - the home of global insurance and reinsurance. Market People Magazine aims to bring amazing content and cutting-edge features directly to professionals working in the heart of London’s historic financial district.

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Benefit from exclusive offers from retail outlets for Practitioner Members from discounts on fashion to discounts on wines and spirits.

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Our prize draw for all our practitioner members enables you to potentially win prizes from our retail partners such as fashion, champagne and much more.

Practitioner Members

If you’re a professional working in the insurance market for an underwriter, broker, Managing Agent, Lloyds of London, the International Underwriting Association, Regulator or any other market trade association, then LMForums is the ideal business group for you. Whether you’re the CEO or part of the graduate intake, you are most welcome to join the Club and be part of one of the Market’s fastest growing networking and personal development groups.

We are a professional members’ club, which is open, without charge, providing the perfect environment to learn, network and meet your peers and colleagues.

Our events comprise of seminars, roundtable sessions, master classes, thought leadership luncheons, workshops, thinktanks and of our popular social events too. Events attract between 30 – 150 professionals, depending on theme and content.

To apply for membership, click on the “Join now” below or on the "Register" button in the top right hand corner of the screen and supply your personal details. Registration is quick and easy. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Should I join?
Yes! It's FREE. Underwriters, brokers, Managing Agents, professionals working in Lloyds of London, the International Underwriting Association or any other market trade association, are all welcome.
2. What do I get?
FREE numerous activities such as well attended seminars, networking drinks, Master Classes, Thought Leadership Luncheons, Workshops and Thinktanks, let alone our social events.
3. How do I join?
If you are a practitioner press the Join Now button below, enter a few details on the registration page and we will sign you up!

If you are an Industry Supplier please contact us and we will be happy to see how we can work together.

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