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We are continuing to develop this area and at the moment are transfering the latest Pictures and Videos for 2020 from the main site so you can find them here, all in one place.

The latest pages to go live in the Info Centre are the News pages for 2020, so please feel free to click on News below.

For your convenience we have added a search facility. So if you would like to find any material from our events and seminars give it a go!

You will already see that the Newsletter for July is here and the next one will be along very shortly.

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News 2020 - Homescreen


Welcome to the new News section for LMForums. These pages cover LMForum's news and events for 2020 as well as news articles from our partners and relevant updates from the London Insurane Market.


Newsletter July 2020 - Homescreen

Newsletter July 2020

Welcome to this first edition of the new style LMForums newsletter. Our aim is to bring you a selection of quality news and educational content each month, which reflects some of the key topics we see and hear through the multitude of events we produce and host within the Market.

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