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Newsletter No 6
Roger Oldham | July 23
On 24th May, LMF proudly hosted its biggest and most glamourous event in our annual calendar, the incredible Market People Awards, now in it’s sixth year. For us, the Market People Awards are what it’s all about, bringing together incredible professionals, friends and colleagues who make up our unique London Market. The Awards Night is one of 40+ events hosted by LMF every year.
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Newsletter No 5
Roger Oldham | January 23
We live in fast changing times. At LMF, we are constantly looking to support our Practitioner Members in their understanding of our evolving industry. We continue to add new Practice Groups to our portfolio of forums, thereby supporting the growth and development of individual insurance professionals, as well as the market as a whole.
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Newsletter No 4
Roger Oldham | September 22
Following the global pandemic, the world of work has changed and as a Market, we are learning to adapt to a new environment. The dust has far from settled and businesses and individuals are still carving out a new relationship. For 300+ years, the London Market has thrived through the power of personal relationships and connections, being built up through not only one’s direct working colleagues, but across the wider population, who make up our incredible global broking and underwriting centre.
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Q1 2021 Newsletter
Roger Oldham | March 21
If you’re anything like me, you’ll have had moments recently where it’s been difficult to remember what day, week, or month we’re in—such is life in the third national lockdown. Things should get easier as spring arrives, with the weather improving, the days growing longer and, fingers crossed, the pandemic restrictions gradually being lifted.
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October Newsletter
Roger Oldham | October 20
If you managed to enjoy some time off during the period my normally associate with “holiday” season, then I hope you had a good break. It certainly has been a year that we won’t forget, but interestingly enough, through all of our work in the Market, we’ve seen some really encouraging signs.
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July Newsletter
Roger Oldham | July 20
Welcome to this first edition of the new style LMForums newsletter. Our aim is to bring you a selection of quality news and educational content each month, which reflects some of the key topics we see and hear through the multitude of events we produce and host within the Market.
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