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Roger Oldham talks with Vanessa Morris, CEO of Mind in the City

Every year, LMF nominates with a charity to support and we are delighted to be working with MIND in 2023. This amazing charity was a key component of this year's Market People Awards and during this incredible evening, thanks to the generosity of the London Market Joint Ventures and of all attendees from across the Market, we raised over £10,000 for this charity.

In this video podcast, Roger Oldham, Founder of LMF talks with Vanessa Morris, CEO of MIND in the City about their incredible work, supporting the mental health of people in the City, East London and across the UK. Do listening to this most interesting conversation. If you feel that you might need the support of Mind's services or you can support them in any way, do reach out to them.

LMF is committed to supporting charitable causes and with the help of the Market, has raised thousands of pounds over our almost 10 years.

LMF & DataTick: Data, AI & Speciality insurance; creating value in a fast-changing business environment

The Insurance Industry is one of the most data rich business environments, yet despite sitting on both vast pools of historical data and exploding volumes of new data, many firms in the sector are struggling to effectively manage this important asset.

In this first edition of the new The Market People Podcast, produced by London Market Forums (LMF), we were thrilled to invite leading subject matter expert, author and CEO) of DataTick, Simon Asplen-Taylor, to discuss the true value of Data & Analytics, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence, particularly it's the impact of Artificial Intelligence, particularly its impact on the underwriters and brokers in specialty insurance in the world famous Lloyd's and London Insurance Market.

CEO of LMF, Roger Oldham, who has worked in the London Market for almost four decades asked Simon what insurance firms should be doing now to leverage the value of the data they have, as well as understanding how the data landscape is changing. Data and the management of it is a key component of almost every role in the insurance industry - in the next 20 minutes you'll be sure to gain some very valuable insights.

Show Highlights:
Opening remarks: Welcome to this first edition of the Market People podcast (00:08)
Overall Topic (01:19)
First Question: What value does DAAI bring to insurance? (01:43)
Second Question: What are the top 3 things that insurance firms should do now? (05:44)
Third Question: What lessons can we learn from other industries? (10:14
Fourth Question: What will the DAAI landscape look like in 5 years’ time? (13:26)
Fifth Question: What advice would you give anyone who’s listening to this today? (19:10)
Sixth Question: What does Simon Asplen-Taylor do in his spare time? (21:35)

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