About Our Executive/Leaders Practice Groups


Every year, LMForums puts on a wide range of informative, interactive and thought provoking events which attracts thousands of professionals of all levels from graduate to CEO from across the London Insurance Market.

Through the many LMForums gatherings, we identified a desire from executives who share common job roles and problems to come together in small focused groups to learn, discuss and debate key issues affecting their respective operating environment. We have therefore created a number of specialist Market Practice Groups within LMForums following consultation with our Members and the wider Market. These groups cover most functional roles within the London Market, from operations, to legal and compliance through to claims. They are truly cross market open forums, allowing people to freely learn from each other without barriers or politics.

Practice Groups

Our Executive Practice Groups typically contain up to 20 senior professionals who participate at each of the four events over the year. Each Practice Groups is typically supported by up to three specialist vendor firms. Our Specialist Practice Groups have around 12 professionals and are supported by up to two specialist vendor firms.

Throughout the year, we invite other specialists to be part of the Groups, such as academics and professionals from other industries who can share valuable experience with our Practice Group members.

All of our Practice Groups operate under Chatham House rules, allowing the participants the comfort to be open with their thoughts. At the end of each 12 month period, our aim is to work with the Practice Group, vendor partners and expert speakers to produce a White Paper covering the topics discussed, to help the wider Market in their learning in the respective area.

If you would like to be part of one of our Practice Groups as a Practitioner Member, vendor partner or expert speaker, then do get in touch with us today. If there’s a space available then you’ll be most welcome to join us. Simply call us:

+44 (0)20 3551 9188 or info@lmforums.com


Frequently Asked Questions

The Group will consist of up to 20 professionals from across the insurance market only on each Executive Practice Group and up to 12 on each Specialist Practice Group. Ideally, you should be a functional leader within your respective discipline and be keen to learn as well as contribute to the discussion.
Anyone working directly as an employee for an insurer, reinsurer, brokers, Lloyd’s, LMA, IUA and other trade associations.
Executive Practice Groups will meet 4 times during a 12 month period and Specialist Practice Groups will meet 3 times over a 12 month term. Groups tend to meet either virtually at vaying times or for two hours at breakfast time (8.30am - 10.30am) and therefore don’t impact the working day.
You will ordinarily be part of the Practice Group for the whole 12 months, but you can appoint a couple of deputies who could take your seat, should you be absent on one of the four scheduled dates.
No, no insurance professional will be charged for participation with the Practice Group.
Practice Groups are held in at variety of City venues and members are always advised prior to each meeting of the specific location. LMForums always uses venues of high quality and within a few minutes walk of the Lloyd’s Building. However, at the moment due to the pandemic all Practice Groups are held virtually.
To bring professionals together to discuss and debate the key issues relative to the specific Practice Group. Group members are expected to learn and as well as contribute to the thinking around the subject. Members can share common practice and learn from our guest speakers, input their own views and collectively by the end of the 12 months period, the Practice Group will have covered a number of key areas and should be in a position to produce some content which helps inform others in the insurance market about the subject, as well as influence Market opinion and thinking.
Lots of interesting conversation and key learning points, the opportunity to meet your peers, as well as a great breakfast too at a high quality venue. If you consider that it assists your learning of this specialist subject then it may well qualify for CPD points with for your respect professional body.
Send us an email to info@lmforums.com with your full name, job title and company name. We only have 20 spaces for membership of an Executive Practice Group and up to 12 on a Specialist Practice Group, so it will be on a first come first served basis. Please remember, only those working for an insurance firm may apply for membership of the Group.