Target Operating Model Event

  • 04/02/2016

Over 50 London Market professionals gathered at the prestigious City of London Club for the first LMForums TOM event. The first class keynote speech was delivered by Joe Dainty, Global Head of Operations at Lloyd's, setting the tone for the afternoon. Practitioner Members heard how the TOM initiative is evolving and got to understand the next steps. With fascinating talks from experts from Konica Minolta, Datalytx, Altep and Eurobase, Club Members learned how other industry sectors have coped and embraced digitisation and process redesign. The roundtable discussions produced some really emotive conversations, with Members being able to freely express their opinions and ideas - all of which will be fed back to the TOM Project Team as part of the Market Consultation process.

A clear theme from the event was that the whole project has a strong people focus; firstly, the overriding objective is to ensure we come up with a model which delivers the best customer experience; secondly, essential to the success is creating a culture where change is embraced and accepted, which involves both exemplary communication skills, widespread Market engagement and requires our change managers to possess the soft skills to take their colleagues with them on the journey. The event received considerable praise from Practitioner and Corporate Members alike and concluded with the Club's popular networking drinks.