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The last few months have been the most unprecedented in living memory, resulting in a major shift in our working environment. We’ve gone from a fairly controlled office based environment for most staff, to 100% remote working. For some firms, the transition has been relatively smooth from a technology perspective but for others there have been other challenges, including the management and oversight of staff. The last few months have also created challenges for the risk, audit, legal and compliance functions, as the ongoing responsibilities for governance, regulation and reporting continue. The FCA has issued a series of statements in recent weeks and months, along with their expectations of the insurance Market, especially around areas such as treating customers fairly and the need for firms to continue to demonstrate their operational resilience, amongst other things.

During this sessions we’ll discuss and debate:

  • How Risk, Legal, Compliance & Audit Departments within Market firms have responded to the sudden change in the working environment
  • Understand the key pressure points at the moment and what’s expected over the last few months, especially by the Regulator
  • How our technologies have helped us continue operating and where we’ll need to enhance those technologies moving forward to provide the necessary oversight and Regulatory data
  • How you expect to change your oversight, reviews and overall operating strategy, in view of the fact that we are likely to move to a permanent hybrid working environment from September onwards

During this session, we’ll be joined by a guest speaker - a General Counsel from the US, working with a major insurer. We’ll hear how they have responded to their own Regulator during this unique period and the changes they’ve made internally to accommodate a very different environment. In addition we will be joined by our Group supporter, Consilio, who has been working with the insurance sector during this lockdown and has a wealth of knowledge to share with us. During the session we will also split off into Breakout Rooms to enable discussion in smaller groups.

Despite the pandemic and the Market working from home, we are still creating great content and generating networking opportunities.

Every year, LMForums has brought thousands of insurance professionals together in the UK to discuss, debate and collaborate on topics of mutual interest in the community. During this period of extended remote working for many of us, we have converted these valuable sessions into virtual events. Bringing groups of experienced and like minded people together has proven to be extremely beneficial for both individuals and their companies. You don’t need to be a Member of LMForums to join in, but you are welcome to join - it’s free for all insurance professionals, globally.

This Group comprises 18 professionals and we have 2 vacancies at the moment, so if you are a professional employed by an insurer, MGA, broker, Lloyd's or work for an insurance trade association and have responsibility for risk, audit, legal or compliance, do complete the registration form and we'll be in touch.

Join us on 15th and be part of a unique gathering. We have great guest speakers and lots of time for an open roundtable debate. Places at all LMForums events go quickly, so reserve your space around the table today.

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Date and Time

15th July 2020

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