New World Series - Impact on Human Capital


In this third Roundtable event of our NEW WORLD series, LMForums, the Market's most active Thought Leadership and Networking Hub, will be bringing together leading Market Practitioners and subject matter experts from the world of consulting, academia, human behaviour and professional leadership coaching to discuss and debate the impact of this extended period of remote working on our workforce.

We’ll be looking at the effect on our greatest asset; our people. We debate how we maintain the strength of our team dynamics and how in this distance working environment we continue to ensure a feeling of “belonging”, which is essential to building a culture of trust and purpose.

From the importance of ensuring our management have the right tools and training to getting the best from their colleagues to how we ensure our workforce continue to receive the most appropriate learning and development tools, with the counsel of our participating experts, we will openly debate these important topics. We are grateful to our supporters, The Pen Partnership, Sheridan Resolutions and the University of Exeter.

This sudden and unforeseen pandemic has the potential to reshape our workplace and workforce forever. Join us on 30th June for this special roundtable event, take away some valuable tips in remote team management and share your own experiences of the last three months.

  • Expert Speakers
  • Live Polling
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Roundtable
  • Peer to Peer Debate


Join us on 30th June, 11.30am - 1.00pm


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Human Capital / Human Resources leaders within insurance firms, Learning and Development staff, CIO’s CTO’s, C Suite Management, Operational Management, Financial Management, Claims/Underwriting/Broking functional/team leaders, Lloyd’s/IUA team members.


Learn from leading subject matter experts working across multiple sectors, hear from firms working with London Market companies and have the chance to meet and collaborate with your Market peers

What's the format?

Expert Speakers, Live Polling, Breakout Rooms, LMForums Open Roundtable


David Clarke
Associate Partner - London Market Lead PEN Partnership

An experienced consulting practitioner with over a decade of experience working for global consulting and advisory businesses, with a particular focus on London Markets. David’s skill set sits firmly at the intersect of business and technology strategy; this coupled with David’s experience in delivery and execution, has led to him successfully support his clients to navigate their most challenging problems – ensuring that they realise their desired outcomes and benefits.

Callum Mayor
Partner - Insurance, Pensions, Platforms Lead PEN Partnership

Renowned for making complex situations simple and delivering major transformation programmes across all aspects of business, operations, and technology. Callum has spent over 15 years delivering high-impact client solutions, including business transformation initiatives, the launch of complex financial products, and the integration of strategic platforms.

Ruari Scullion
Management Consultant, London Market Specialist PEN Partnership

Ruari has strong experience working within the London Market. His roles have focused on mobilising and delivering complex operational, strategic and regulatory engagements. He has delivered a varied range of engagements ranging from programme mobilisation and delivery, operating model design and implementation, cost optimisation, regulatory responses and implementation and strategy development.

Helen May
Expert in Neurodiversity, Facilitation, Diversity & Inclusion - Sheridan Resolutions

Helen is an insightful and engaging coach and facilitator with over 20 years’ experience across a broad range of industries. Her approach is commercial and pragmatic, spending time helping leaders and teams to understand the core of the challenges they face before helping them to develop solutions.

Helen's has particular expertise in Diversity & Inclusion and a lot of her coaching assignments are with senior women. Helen is an expert on Neurodiversity and has recently written the 'Neurodiversity@Work Playbook'. She will also shortly be publishing 'Diversity & Inclusion: The Complete, Practical Guide for Organisations'

Helen has held senior Commercial and Talent & Development roles across a range of industries and has been coaching for over 20 years. Helen was the Director of Executive Development in a management consultancy for 7 years where she was responsible for executive coaching and team development. In addition to heading up the business unit, she had her own coaching and facilitation assignments, mainly at board level. She was also involved in the design and launch of a psychometric tool PROPHET designed specifically for senior team development.

Dr Zena Wood
Senior Research Fellow - University of Exeter Business School

Zena joined the Initiative for the Digital Economy (Index) in January 2019. Prior to this she was employed by the University of Greenwich as a Senior Lecturer in Spatial Informatics.

Her research lies within Geographic Information Science, focusing on collective behaviour and movement pattern analysis with applications in Smart Cities, transportation and urban planning. Many of her projects involve collaborations with experts from geography, psychology and business.

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Despite the pandemic and the Market working from home, we are still creating great content and generating networking opportunities.

Every year, LMForums has brought thousands of insurance professionals together in the UK to discuss, debate and collaborate on topics of mutual interest in the community. During this period of extended remote working for many of us, we have converted these valuable sessions into virtual events. Bringing groups of experienced and like minded people together has proven to be extremely beneficial for both individuals and their companies. You don’t need to be a Member of LMForums to join in, but you are welcome to join - it’s free for all insurance professionals, globally.

Join us on 30th and be part of a unique gathering of just 18 senior Market professionals. We have great guest speakers and lots of time for an open roundtable debate. Places at all LMForums events go quickly, so reserve your space around the table today.

"New World" Series - Impact on Human Capital



Date and Time

30th June 2020
11:30pm - 1:00pm

11.20am - 11.30am Waiting Room Open
11.30am - 11.35am Welcome and Introductions
11.35am - 11.45am David Clarke / Callum Mayor
11.45am - 11.55am Helen May
11.55am - 12.05pm Dr Zena Wood
12.05pm - 12.10pm Time to vote
12.10pm - 12.30pm Breakout rooms
12.30pm - 12.45pm Roundtable discussion
12.45pm - 12.55pm Conclusions & Close


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