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16Oct 20

Leaders of Tomorrow

  • Leaders of Tomorrow 2020

Over the last 5 days, LMForums has staged the biggest learning event in our 5 year history, involving hundreds of hours of preparation and 7.5 hours of live broadcasting. It’s be an incredible conference, with over 30 Market leaders and practitioners speaking /participating on panels and some amazing questions from delegates from over 100 firms from across the EC3 community and beyond.

Thanks to our Headline Sponsor, Charles Taylor Group and our other conference sponsors, Allied World, Sheridan Resolutions and Sheffield Haworth. Also a big thank you to all of our speakers including John Neal, Rob Brown, Mike Walsh, Erik Johnson, Aideen Quinn, Darren Jacobs, Ting Low, Caroline Sheridan, Marc McKenna-Coles, Ben Johnson, Andrea Santolalla, Christian Kitchen, Tony Russell and many others.

The whole idea of the conference was to give you, the Market professional, some idea of the skills required for the future, especially in this fast changing world of remote working.

12 Key learning points and statements from our speakers at the 2020 Conference:

  1. Leaders of tomorrow will need a dual management skillset; both virtual and real time - These new skills will need to be learned and development will need to be far more structured
  2. Our workforce will continue to become more diverse in the years ahead, bringing increased value to our clients and growth opportunities for our businesses and workforce
  3. It’s important to open ourselves to new ways of thinking, learning and understanding different cultures, as well “treat others as THEY wish to be treated” not necessarily as WE want to be treated ourselves”
  4. The Manager of the future will need to be “data savvy” – it will be at the heart of nearly everything we do – so an understanding of managing data, interpreting it and then acting on it will become a key activity of the future
  5. Learning & development is changing and will become more digital – with people being able to learn when they want and how they want. Whilst companies will always be there to help, support and encourage learning, young professionals will need to push themselves too and explore new areas – be that technical/soft or digital skills
  6. Don’t restrict yourself, when it comes to your career development – be prepared to move between classes of business and embrace change, as it’s the only constant in life
  7. We need to continue to progress our collective agenda of bringing in talent from a variety of sources, backgrounds and cultures - embrace those with different belief systems and ideologies to our own, if we are to be truly reflective of our customers and society at large
  8. We need to make ourselves more visible amongst schools, colleges and universities
  9. People enjoy working in the London Market the most for the ”community feel” and exceptional interconnectivity between trading firms – the social interaction aspect was quoted as an important factor
  10. Tomorrow’s Manager will need to have an awareness of the whole digital landscape, including the tools that not only make us efficient, but also those to enhance the way we interact with our employees and customers
  11. If you’re struggling with the lack of “on the job training” put up your hand and ask your bosses to get involved in other groups/ committees or projects that operate in your business or be part of a “tag team”
  12. Our Market has a wealth of opportunities to help our people learn, from free events to online courses – continue to ensure you are part of the EC3 community – continuing to build a network in these challenging times of remote working has never been more important and these types of events play a vital role


Our Market has shown extraordinary resilience during the pandemic and a new “hybrid” working environment is likely to emerge, once this is over, resulting in the need to learn, develop and trade in a different way, with technology and people at the very heart.

LMForums welcome ideas and involvement from practitioners across the Market, so do let us know your thoughts for future sessions. Our mission is to help the Market and the professionals in it, to grow and develop.

We run on a “Not for Profit” basis and welcome support from Market companies and those supplying our sector with valuable products and services. This helps us continue to provide what has become the most active platform of its type in the London Market, with 50+ events a year (technical and social), our popular Market People Magazine and Monthly Newsletter.

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