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16Jun 20

New World Series - Role of Technology & Innovation

At this exciting virtual gathering in the second of the New World Series, the general consensus was that Technology platforms have held up well for most firms and it’s now “business as usual". However businesses would not have been able to function without third party platforms, such as Teams, Zoom and WebEx.

  • New World Series - Role of Technology & Innovation

The use of the Cloud and SaaS has been of significant importance with the Market having adopted software tools and techniques to expedite the migration of remaining manual processes. The Pandemic and remote working has accelerated conversations in most businesses around innovation and technology adoption.

The practitioners in the Market seem to be split 50/50 on their appetite to return to the traditional office based environment, which in turn will put pressure on IT deptartments to continue to deliver and innovate. The Market seems to have moved on from concerning itself about infrastructure to the topic of “product” innovation.

The future trading environment will be very competitive in the London Market, so innovation will be essential to create competitive advantage. As employees settle into a “home working” environment long term, the demand will be to ensure that technology solutions have a similar feel and functionality to those used already in the home - enhancing the user interface and experience. Innovation is essential to ensuring our employees and customer feel engaged. Maintaining mental health and wellbeing is a key priority for firms and they are looking at the ways that technology and innovation can support that.

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