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Welcome to the London Market Forums – the place where insurance professionals meet, collaborate, learn and network. Join your peers and understand some of the key issues affecting the insurance sector today, from industry modernisation to the changing regulatory landscape.

We have two types of Member:

  1. Practitioner - anyone actively working in the insurance community for one of the organization types mentioned above.
  2. Corporate - anyone from a professional services or supply company, such as lawyers or technology professionals, who do not work in the insurance sector directly, but support it through their professional activities. A fee applies to Corporate Members wishing to join.

We work closely with personnel from Lloyd’s of London, the IUA and other bodies throughout the Market to provide a cross-sector platform for collaboration and engagement between insurance professionals.

How does the club operate?

LMForums hold events of various types throughout the year including seminars and lectures, roundtable forums, master classes, thought leadership sessions, executive luncheons, workshops and thinktanks, and of course not forgetting our popular social events. Between 30 – 150 professionals will typically attend our forums, depending on the theme and content.

Increasingly our events are roundtable sessions where practitioners have the opportunity to really understand the issues faced by their peers and debate the key topics of the day in an open forum, subject to the usual Chatham House Rules. From the feedback we receive, both groups of members find these forums to be enormously informative and often creative too.

Where did the concept come from?

It was created by Roger Oldham, a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and experienced senior industry executive, who has spent almost thirty years working with some of the Market's leading firms, including Aon, HSBC and Marsh, in the London Market and around the globe.

Roger is a highly experienced audience facilitator, and leads many of the workshop style forums and Q&A sessions, as well as our Market events.

Roger’s experience within the sector means that he has first-hand knowledge of pressures facing the Market and can work with practitioners, suppliers, academics and external experts to create highly relevant events with great speakers. He has a considerable network built up over many years and knows how to bring the right people together to make a compelling event.

A forum such as this assists both Practitioner and Corporate Members in understanding the fast changing business environment; the pressures it faces and helps firms provide and embrace the most appropriate techniques and solutions.

How do you get involved?

Registration is simple and without cost for any insurance professional – simply click on the “Register” button in the top right hand corner of the screen or the "Join Now" button below. You’ll be asked just a few questions and then you should be eligible for immediate membership.

We’ll then keep you advised of all upcoming events and intelligence we’re sharing on the site, including access to our White Papers Portal.

If you’re a supplier to the sector, call us now on +44 (0) 203 753 5491 and we can discuss Membership options with you.

Join today and be part of this fast growing Market forum.

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Roger and the team