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Tomorrows World Conference


Tomorrows World Conference - 18th April 2024

All LMF events are Free to Access

18th April 2024
17:30 Drinks

The Tomorrow’s World Conference was first introduced into the annual LMF event portfolio during the Pandemic. During this time, large numbers of insurance professionals were keen to participate in an industry discussion over the future of the Marketplace, as face-to-face trading was impossible.

The conference has become a firm favourite in the LMF calendar and has a dynamic sets of themes and a differing range of perspectives every year. Technology is a core and consistent component, along with new emerging practices, global influences and other industry trends. Contributors range from leading insurance Practitioners, quality vendors to the insurance market and leading academics.

This year’s conference promises to be even more enlightening, with a focus on both business and technology topics such as:


  • The growing demand for new technologies to maintain a competitive edge
  • Harnessing data strategies to capitalise on opportunities from Gen Ai
  • Understanding the role of Blueprint Two in Market transformation
  • Prioritising technology spend in a dynamic business environment

Insurance Opportunities and Talent

  • Exploring emerging insurance trends and opportunities for the development of classes of business
  • Talent for tomorrow - assessing our talent and skills needs for a fast changing environment

All LMF conferences are interactive experiences and involve hearing from domain experts, insurance sector contributors and external viewpoints, as well as participating in group roundtables.

Join us on 18th April at the ACORD Centre in Minster Court, alongside your Market peers, for another thought-provoking and insightful LMF Conference, designed especially for those in the Lloyd’s and London Insurance Market.

During this LMF Conference we'll be hearing the viewpoints of Guidewire, Hexaware, Teracode and a number of other contributors. Thank you to them all.

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