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Data, AI & The Cloud Summit


Day 1: Tuesday 8th June 2021


The London Market sits on a wealth of valuable data and has always struggled in managing this resource and is anticipating even greater challenges as we enter the whole new world of interconnectivity, with the Internet of Things and the plethora of geospatial data that will reshape the way we assess risk, calculate premiums and handle claims. Other areas to be discussed at the Summit will include how the Market needs to come together to agree on data standards in order to facilitate the seamless transfer of risk between trading partners. We’ll also look at the efficacy of Market data pools.

Day 2: Wednesday 9th June 2021

The Cloud

There has been a massive sea change in attitude in the insurance market, when it comes to cloud adoption, as an integral part of our infrastructure. From those early pioneers in our sector who adopted private cloud environments to the acceptance by our Regulator that the Cloud was a safe and secure way to hold client and personal data, we’ll look at this journey and examine some of the latest developments, including the growth of service providers in this field, such as Microsoft and AWS. We’ll also look closely at some of the security aspects and how providers are addressing these concerns.

Day 3: Thursday 10th June 2021


The Insurance Market is on the cusp of a revolution and as one Market CIO said recently at an LMForums event, any insurer or broker who is not considering Ai as part of their IT strategy, is unlikely to be around five years from now. We’ll look at how Ai is reshaping the underwriting and claims process and try to help lift the lid on this fast developing area of technology.

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