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Data & Analytics Leaders Practice Group


Data & Analytics Leaders Practice Group - 31st January 2023

Data & Analytics Leaders Practice Group

In this first meeting of the Data & Analytics Practice Group of 2024, we’ve assembled two amazing guest speakers to share valuable insights on how firms data can be used to ensure your customers remain at the centre of all business decisions.

Simon Asplen-Taylor, best selling author, former Head of Data & Analytics at Lloyd’s and now the CEO of fast growing Datatick, will be joined by Dr Julia Gandolfi, a respected lecturer at Cranfield and data expert to share their exceptional domain knowledge. During their talk with the Practice Group you should learn how to:

  • Generate greater value through optimised portfolio management.
  • Assess your customers’ risks and risk profiles, to minimise losses.
  • Provide your customers with insights that enable them to manage their risks more effectively and save money, thereby helping you to retain them as customers.

Our guest speakers will explain how this is being done in other industries, how it can be accomplished in insurance, and why it’s so valuable to everyone operating in the insurance space, from brokers to underwriters.

As usual, we’ll then have a delicious hot cooked breakfast, all prepared to The Ivy’s usual high standards. Following breakfast, we’ll progress to our roundtable discussion, where all look at how firms can differentiate themselves and use data to keep and acquire new business. We’ll also delve into the use of external data and openly discuss the different sources and how these can add value to your business.

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