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Cyber Risk Summit 2020


Cyber Virtual Summit 16th November 2020
This year we’re proud to have teamed up with Net Diligence to bring you something special. With the combined geographical footprint of both LMForums and Net Diligence, our Cyber Resilience Summit this year brings professionals on both sides of the Atlantic together for a very special 5 day event - running from 12 noon - 1.30pm.

We’ll be discussing and debating:

  • Data breach prevention & detection
  • The role of education and awareness in the workplace and in society
  • The evolution of data breach response including international breach response
  • The latest strategies in data data recovery and keeping control on costs
  • Ransomware - latest developments
  • Claims trends
  • Developments in coverage and extensions
  • Cyber insurance market collaboration with other agencies

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