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Business Architect Leaders Practice Group


Business Architect Leaders Group - 24th April 2024

All LMF events are Free to Access

24th April 2024
17:30 Drinks

How Digital Technologies Support Business Architects?

At this Spring gathering of the Business Architects Practice Group, we'll look at the "how." Over the last couple of gatherings, we have discussed the "What" regarding the architect's function and responsibilities. So this time, with the help of domain experts in this area, Bizzdesign, we'll start examining how digital tools are supporting the role and their ability to improve collaboration and delivery.

The Practice Group will be led by experienced Business and Enterprise Architect Jeeps Rekhi and co-hosted by LMF Founder Roger Oldham. This session will be an agnostic and thought-provoking event at 99 Bishopsgate, followed by networking drinks at a nearby bar. The format will be slightly different this time. There will be an initial briefing on the topic, along with a Member of this Practice Group, and then we'll have two roundtable questions to cover.

As usual, the session will be interactive and free-flowing, with lots of time for questions and contributions from attendees. Anyone who has been to an LMF Session before will know that these Market gatherings are a fabulous way to learn, network, and collaborate.

Who should attend?

This Practice Group is part of a series of Market Practice Groups facilitated by LMF. It helps bring the Market together to learn and share common problems. This particular group is perfect for any Architect, be it Business, Enterprise or Solutions or anyone interested in this area of business activity, which often includes roles such as Senior Business Analysts. All LMF sessions are FREE to Market practitioners.

Join us on 24th April at 4 pm to be part of the Market discussion.

All LMF events are "free to access" and only open to employees of carriers, brokers, Lloyd's, MGA's and those from one of the Market Trade Associations.

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