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Automation Leaders Practice Group


Automation Leaders Practice Group - 9th February 2021

At this Practice Group session, we’ll be looking at how RPA/Automation has been utilised or assisted in helping businesses maintain BAU and continue to operate during this extended period of remote working. From our wider Market events over the last three months, we have learned how firms in EC3 have expedited their use of technologies, both new and existing, to ensure that our internal functions continue to operate and that our clients are getting the best service. EY have reported that 41% of bosses across 45 countries confirmed that they were going to increase their investment in automation to help them recover in the post COVID-19 period. Is this reflective of our Market too? What do you think will be happening at your firm and in other firms in the London Market? If we can expect a similar focus on automation, we’ll be in for a busy time!

RPA and other forms of automation, including the use of Ai and ML can play at important part in this emerging hybrid workplace, with some employees being office based, whilst others operate from the kitchen table at home. What does this sudden change in working structure mean for you and the projects you’re involved in? Join us on 10th to find out.

During this sessions we’ll discuss and debate:

  • Where Automation/RPA has proven to assist the most and how easy implementation has been
  • What opportunities might have been identified for its future use?
  • Whether the last few months have brought about changes to existing technology implementation plans and if so, what has taken priority and why?
  • Whether we’ll be seeing even greater investment in automation over the next 12 months, as we try to battle with the after effects of COVID-19 and the new “hybrid” workplace

Despite the pandemic and the Market working from home, we are still creating great content and generating networking opportunities.

Every year, LMForums has brought thousands of insurance professionals together in the UK to discuss, debate and collaborate on topics of mutual interest in the community. During this period of extended remote working for many of us, we have converted these valuable sessions into virtual events. Bringing groups of experienced and like minded people together has proven to be extremely beneficial for both individuals and their companies. You don’t need to be a Member of LMForums to join in, but you are welcome to join - it’s free for all insurance professionals, globally.

This Group comprises 18 professionals and we have 2 vacancies at the moment, so if you are a professional employed by an insurer, MGA, broker, Lloyd's or work for an insurance trade association and have responsibility for risk, audit, legal or compliance, do complete the registration form and we'll be in touch.

Join us and be part of a unique gathering. We have great guest speakers and lots of time for an open roundtable debate. Places at all LMForums events go quickly, so reserve your space around the table today.

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